Celebrity chef Judson Todd Allen dishes on ‘The Spice Diet’ during the holidays

Yep, that’s the same thing we said too when we saw Chef Judson Todd Allen’s amazing weight loss transformation. In the infamous words of the great rapper Mike Jones, “…back then they didn’t want me, now I’m hot and they’re all up on me,” is probably what Chef Allen thinks every day of his new life, and by the looks of it, we can say that he definitely has earned the right to think that way. Chef Judson Todd Allen is on a mission to design powerhouse flavors, sourcing seasonal, local and sustainable ingredients that change the way people think and feel about healthier foods.  Having struggled with weight for a significant part of his life, Chef Allen speaks from experience and now maintains a weight loss of over 160lbs. More…….

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The impact of stigma: Fat-shaming children can cause them to gain MORE weight by leaving them more likely to binge …

Fat-shaming children can have dire consequences on their self-esteem—and in doing so, it can leave them more likely to gain more weight. The American Academy of Pediatrics has released a new set of guidelines providing guidance on how to talk to about about children and teenagers dealing with obesity, so as not to reinforce the stigma surrounding weight. Discussing weight in a stigmatizing manner can reinforce behaviors such as binging as well as create feelings of isolation, while keeping children from receiving medical attention. More…….

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Weight Loss : This is when you should eat your lightest and heaviest meals of the day

When it comes to weight loss, we’ve heard so many different rules, it’s a little exhausting. Some people say you can eat whatever you want as long as you hit around 1,200 calories a day, others say throw out calorie counting, just eat whatever you want as long as the foods are “clean.” The diets get even more crazy when you throw timing into the mix. We’ve been told to only eat carbs in the morning, or to try intermittent fasting, or to make sure we only eat certain snacks at night. More…….

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Can Carb Cycling Actually Help You Lose Weight? Here’s the Deal

So you might choose to cut out carbs altogether, but that type of restriction isn’t entirely necessary. Eating the right kind of carbs, like oats and brown rice, provides your body with the fuel you need to not only get through your workouts, but also your day in general. That’s why some people opt for a strategy called carb cycling, meaning they alternate between high carb days and low carb days. More…….

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Lea Michele Reveals Her Surprisingly Easy Weight Loss Secrets

Well, for one, many have personal trainers, cooks that make them healthy meals, and some even have a gym in their home. In fact, for Lea Michele, it’s quite the opposite. She may be a famous Hollywood actress, but her workout routine and weight loss secrets aren’t that different from other women her age. More…….

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10 Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight Despite Working Hard

After days of complaining and hiding behind over-sized clothes, you eventually plan to lose weight by gyming, dieting, zumba, yoga, or whatever else it takes to get rid of that stubborn fat off your body. What worked earlier, does not seem to work anymore! Are we describing a scenario you are fairly familiar with? More…….

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Is This Extreme Form Of Intermittent Fasting Safe?

“I feel phenomenal,” crowed Woo, who appeared trim and refreshed on-camera two days after the fast ended. “I got a ton of stuff done, waking up at 7 AM for morning calls and then powering through till 10 or 11 at night—no problem whatsoever. (Woo even had a sensor implanted in his arm so he could quickly check his glucose levels during his fast.) Going to extremes While so-called intermittent fasting has been gaining popularity as a way to shed excess pounds, there are many different fasting protocols. More…….

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Quick And Easy Weight Loss With The Japanese ‘Morning Banana Diet’

This diet turned out to be so popular in 2008 that Japan experienced a shortage of bananas for a short period of time which is the main staple of this diet. There are a whole lot of diet plans available online for weight loss but most make you compromise on something or the other. The true purpose of a diet plan is to ensure the one that works for you and your body and benefits your health as well. More…….

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Gregg Wallace reveals the secret of his 3st weight loss regime and how he ‘retrained’ his tastebuds

YOU can lose weight and stay slim by eating everyday food from your local supermarket. One man who knows this is Gregg Wallace, who has lost 3st in the past few years by overhauling his diet. Gregg Wallace thought nothing of visiting a chippy once per week, ordering takeaways and boozing every day. More…….

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